Crypto newbie?
Seasoned trader?

You haven’t seen a crypto trading software like this before.

If you don’t understand the crypto market and its movements well enough, or feel fearful or indecisive when making trading decisions, XTsunami provides clear insights to help you trade better. 

Whether for Spot or Futures trading, why and when to make trading decisions is now clearer.

XTsunami. Because Bitcoin and crypto trading needs to be smarter, easier, better.

What is XTsunami?

XTsunami is a radically different Web3 crypto trading software. It is based on XTblock’s core technology and is a real-time crypto chart analysis & trading tool that provides traders at all levels, from new to advanced, highly valuable data to enable high-quality trading decisions – unlike any other trading software currently available.

We want to put the power of profitable trading on a consistent basis in everyone’s hands.

Taking it a step further is a trading bot system that interprets this analysed chart data to conduct automated trades on behalf of the user.

What makes XTsunami different?

Unlike many other crypto trading software and bots, XTsunami does not have the limitations of grid trading and other generally popular methods. It was named XTsunami because it helps users ride the waves of price rises and drops, across the entire spectrum of price movement. 

Easy-to-understand indicators for the token being traded as well as other tokens being observed by the user provide clear insights into the potential price direction, providing a more holistic current view of the market (based on the tokens being tracked) – all on one screen. The interface also provides all bot controls on the same screen, for ease of operation.

  • Web3 tech with superior chart analysis
  • Clear and simple market indicators to assist traders’ decisions
  • No prior trading experience needed 
  • Simple setup
  • Trade multiple assets on multiple exchanges
  • Runs entirely on the user’s computer (decentralised for security)

About Us

XTsunami is based on XTblock’s core technology.  XTblock is a Web3 technology platform that is on track to deliver, among other revolutionary products and services: a limitlessly scalable, high speed blockchain network; high-performance decentralised AI and bot computing enabled by the same tech platform; other powerful Web3 technologies such as the XTsunami crypto trading software  For more information on our roadmap, visit on