Trading bots that vastly outperform pro traders

Highly advanced trading bots for day traders and trading funds for Share (stock) CFDs, Forex and Crypto Futures, on Windows PC and Mac!

• Unprecedented performance 
• Ability to generate outsize returns 
• Enhanced risk management features

XTsunami – Trade better than the best

Getting to know the XTsunami Crypto Futures Trading Bot

XTsunami Crypto Futures trading bot – batting-average exceeding pro-traders’ performance

Based on transaction records from the exchange, XTsunami has been shown to perform at a batting average significantly higher than many other crypto futures trading software – even going beyond what pro traders are able to achieve. It is automated and requires little to almost no user intervention (based on the settings), while initial setup can be performed in less than 10 minutes. Thanks to superior price action analysis, clear and simple market indicators to assist traders’ decisions, the ability to trade multiple assets on multiple exchanges, and other stellar features, XTsunami is all set to redefine the crypto trading landscape.

NEW! XTsunami Forex trading bot – A radically capable, automated Forex trading bot that’s leagues ahead

XTsunami’s Web3 Forex trading bot raises the bar in forex trading with its unprecedented performance, superb risk management and ultra-helpful features – a boon for forex traders. As with other versions of our trading software, our advanced pre-loaded trading strategies help you trade optimally to increase chances of profitability. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before – you have to try it to believe it.

Discover the key features of the XTsunami Forex Trading Bot

An overview of some key features of the XTsunami Share (stock) CFD Trading Bot

NEW! XTsunami Share (stock) CFD trading bot – A powerful trading advantage like never before

XTsunami’s Share (stock) CFD trading bot is a radically different, advanced Web3 bot for trading Share (stock) CFDs, featuring high performance and enhanced risk management like you’ve never experienced before.

XTsunami’s trading bots feature advanced pre-loaded trading strategies that have been refined and optimised relentlessly, to increase your chances of success while mitigating risks – a very powerful but highly uncommon feature, when you consider many other bots on the market. While current versions of our bots already perform with a high degree of effectiveness, we are constantly seeking to improve their capabilities to further empower traders.

Integrated Brokers and Exchanges

What is XTsunami – and why is it better?

The name XTsunami represents a group of radically different Web3 trading bots for stocks (Share CFDs), crypto (Crypto Futures), and Forex, as well as a Master Bot that allows the monitoring of several –  even thousands – of simultaneously running XTsunami trading bots. 

XTsunami is based on XTblock’s revolutionary core technology, which powers real-time price action analysis & trading tools that provide traders with highly valuable data to enable high-quality trading decisions – unlike any other trading softwares currently available.

Taking it a step further is a trading bot system that interprets this analysed chart data to conduct automated trades on behalf of the user – all optimised for vastly improved trading results and superior risk management.